Hello stranger, I'm a disaster

Usually seen fangirling about Klaine, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Shameless, Fringe, American Horror Story, Supernatural, Queer as Folk, Adam Lambert, P!nk, 30STM, etc.
Mika is her guilty pleasure.
Believes In Sherlock.
Desperately wants to be an artist someday.
Socially awkward, please handle with care.

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American Horror Story
Created by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk


Budapest by shumadmit http://500px.com/photo/68368973




Oooops! Do you know what your kids are reading?
Inappropriate Books For Kids That Actually Exist

Omfg laughed so hard

What the fuck?!



#rory is so bad ass all the time #but when he gets hurt he needs amy to kiss his booboo

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the man who “died, never existed, and then came back as a plastic Roman.”

We are number one in California when it comes to one disturbing little detail. Since opening, more then any other motel in California, we have the most suicides.


             A n d  c o u n t i n g.

  • me: that show looks like it could ruin my life
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: i think i'll start watching it



blaine + dumb questions

fringe meme → one episode → Jacksonville 

You abused us, Walter. Me and other children.
No, we were trying to help you. We were trying to make you more than you were.
Is that what you were doing? Or searching for answers to questions you shouldn’t have been asking in the first place?
I was a different man then.
I was a defenseless child.


my mom is nursing these kittens because their mommy got hurt, they have no patience


Andy Whitfield (Oct 17, 1971  — Sept 11, 2011)